In the context of the COVID-induced challenges the EU is facing, we need more than ever to bring different stakeholders together to discuss what the EU is doing and how we should invest in the post-COVID future of the EU. In response to COVID and its adverse effects, various financial instruments are being put in place by the EU institutions (ECB, EIB, MFF, ESM etc.) to shield the European economy from the effects of the pandemic. 2020 presents a decisive year for many reasons, as the EU is put to the test with COVID-19. How can the EU further enhance its financial tools to channel resources in the short- and long-run to make European societies and economies to thrive? How can the EU’s tools be strengthened so they can support sustainable development, foster innovation and investment, and create jobs over the coming years?
This on-line version of the “Investing in the Future of Europe” event series will bring together the EIB, the Commission, the EP and civil society to discuss with a variety of stakeholders and citizens from across Europe how best to invest in the post-COVID future of the EU.
EC has designed and produced this event-platform in WordPress for European Movement international: